Learn about electric vehicles, fuel savings and charging.
View Available Models
Explore available models and find the All-Electric or Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle model that fits your lifestyle.
Lower Fuel Cost & Charge Time
See how much you'll save when you switch from a gas or diesel vehicle to an electric vehicle - and find out how long it'll take to charge it!

Learn about special rate programs and incentives
Review available electric rate programs
We offer a rate plan that benefits EV owners that charge during off-peak times, see how this plan might benefit you.
EV incentives & Tax Credits
You may be eligible for various incentives for the purchase of an electric vehicle, charging equipment and rate programs.

Do you have the ability to charge your vehicle at home?
Yes, I can charge at home
If you have a garage or driveway with access to electricity, you can probably charge at home. There are two primary home charging options.
  • Level 1 120V charging (standard household outlet)
  • Level 2 240V charging (requires installation and/or 240V outlet)
No, I can't charge at home
Limited public charging is available, but keep in mind it takes time and prices vary substantially. Charging time varies based on car battery size and charger power.
  • Level 2 240V charging: 4 to 8 hours
  • Level 3 480V+ charging: 20 to 30 minutes (Not available for PHEVs)

Electric Vehicle Programs for Home and Business
Programs for Your Home
Enhance your EV experience and earn incentives by optimizing your EV charging. Reduce the cost and time it takes to charge your EV. Learn more about incentives, eligibility, and participation requirements.
Programs for Your Business
With our Make-Ready Program, businesses can now install electric vehicle (EV) charging stations with up to 100% reimbursement of costs for the electrical improvements needed to support EV charging and up to 50% reimbursement of installed electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE).