Under Rate RT the rate charged during off-peak periods is lower than the rate charged during on-peak, reflecting the fact that the total cost of electricity is lower during the off-peak. While it's difficult to change the time you heat and cool your home, it can be fairly easy to adjust the time you do other things, like laundry, showering and charging an electric vehicle.

Input the average miles you drive per day and select a vehicle. Actual electric vehicle energy consumption will vary based on terrain, weather, driving habits and auxiliary components (heating/cooling, stereo, lighting etc.).

Average daily miles
What EV do you drive?
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Suggested charge start time

*Disclaimer: This tool is intended to help customers understand how a Time Of Use (TOU) rate plan works. The energy consumption values used in these calculations are only estimates and should not be used to make a final decision. Every home and product uses different amounts of energy.